The meeting of two energies:


60 MinuteThis Customized Massage uses light to medium pressure to help relax muscles and rebalance the nervous system.  $130

90 MinuteThis Customized Massage uses medium to firm pressure to help relax muscles and rebalance the nervous system. $180


Enhance any massage ritual with the following:

Aromatherapy $15

Deep tissue $25

Hot Stones $20

Cupping $20

Foot Enhancement with Hot Stones $20

60 Minute Pre-Natal - Our Pre Natal Massage provides expecting mothers with personal support and relief from many of the physical symptoms that can arise during pregnancy. Regular massage while pregnant can help relaxation, reduce labour anxiety, relieve stiffness and promote a healthy childbirth. Our practitioners have been trained to have clients side-lay as to not further stress the ribcage and back area. ** Please note: Prenatal Massage is not permitted in the 1st trimester. All Prenatal massages are to be booked 13 weeks or later into pregnancy.  $140

75 min Full body treatment - A Moisturizing Ritual

Begin with a gentle exfoliation to prepare the skin for an application of hydrating lotion infused with pure essential oils, gently massaged onto the skin. Your skin will drink in the hydration. Deepen the relaxation with added hot stones. scalp, temples, neck and a soothing foot massage. $179